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Hook's Landscaping, LLC. is well-known as one of the foremost landscape design companies serving clients in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. Since 1999, our professional landscaping artists have been delivering the most aesthetically-pleasing outdoor retreats to customers throughout Chicagoland. Best of all, our versatile landscaping designs and installation are competitively-priced. Hook's Landscaping's team of specialists are not only highly-trained professionals who possess the talent and expertise our clients demand, but they are renowned for always standing behind their landscaping projects. Therefore, when New Lenox homeowners are in the market to hire one of the best landscaping companies, Hook's Landscaping is the only name they need to know!

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New Lenox, Illinois has close to 25,000 residents and is in Will County. Hook's Landscaping, located in Mokena, is conveniently located slightly more than seven miles northeast of New Lenox. Our outstanding professional landscaper artists work hand-in-hand with New Lenox customers to guarantee that all of their thoughts and suggestions are incorporated into their landscaping project. We want to ensure that their outdoor space is precisely as our New Lenox clients want it and that the landscaping design is an accurate reflection of their preferences. Hook's Landscaping is recognized for putting the interests of customers as its #1 priority. It is well-known that not only will pledge to do all we can to meet their expectations, but we will strive to exceed them. Our mission keep our New Lenox clients' happy with the landscaping we perform for them and to never place a strain on their budgets.

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Once we have completed the hardscape portion of your landscaping project, we will install the plants which are most suitable for your hardiness zone. Hook's Landscaping, LLC. bases its computations on the standards established by the American Horticultural Society's and the USDA. In addition, we offer clients warranties on all our landscaping construction projects. These include:

  • Hardscapes – two years from date of installation;
  • One-time replacement per plant; and
  • Trees, shrubs and perennials – one year from date of installation.

Furthermore, we carry the following insurance:

  • Auto Insurance on all company vehicles;
  • General Liability Insurance; and
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance.

We provide proof of insurance upon request. For the most exceptional landscaping designs in the industry, call Hook's Landscaping, today, at: (708) 203-6746.

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